Turkey PaperCraft for a Cute Turkey Party Ornament

Turkey Paper Craft for a Cute Turkey Party Ornament Kid Craft Monday Turkey A Girl And A Glue Gun

Your family might be a turkey lover who often serves turkey in special events. Now, you can also make the party more amusing than before by adding some turkey paper crafts. A turkey paper craft will be a cute ornament in the party, especially for the turkey lovers.

Turkey with Colorful Papers

First, draw the body of the turkey in a white paper. Then, prepare three colorful papers such as yellow, orange, and red or your own favorite colors. Draw lines in the papers and cut them to create long rectangular papers. Fold those papers and glue the far ends on the back of the turkey you have drawn before. Those papers look like the feathers of the turkey.

Turkey Papercraft with Accordion Folding Method 

If you want to do something simple, you can create an accordion folding method. In this method, you don’t need to cut the colorful paper into long rectangular papers. Just fold the paper until it looks like an accordion or propeller. Now, glue the paper in the back of the turkey design you have made before. It is a simple and fast turkey paper craft for your party, right?

Turkey Papercraft with Toilet Paper Tubes 

You can combine two materials which are papers and toilet paper tubes. Use the toilet paper tubes as the body and the head of the turkey. Then, create the fur just like the first method or the second method explained above. Glue it together and you will have a cute turkey paper craft for a fresh ornament in your party.

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