Recycled Paper Towel Tubes Crafts for Kids

Recycled Paper Towel Tubes Crafts for Kids Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls And Paper Towel Rolls Lovely Pink And

You can make your kids more creative by using paper towel tubes crafts. There are so many things they can create from paper towel tubes. Some of the crafts are listed below.

A Pencil Case 

You just need to ask your kids to add something to make the paper towel tubes more useful than before. Let say, ask them to cover up one of the holes and add some ornaments on it. Soon, the unused paper towel tube will become a cute pencil case. They can put the craft in their room and use it to manage their favorite pencils.

A Money Box 

If you want to ask them to make useful paper towel tubes crafts, let them create a money box. They just need to cover up the two holes and make a small rectangular hole on one side. Prepare some colorful papers, crayons, and anything they need to give the paper towel money box some ornaments. Later, they can save their money on their handmade money box.

A Rocket

Some kids want to be an astronaut when they grow up. To support their dream, you can ask them to create a rocket miniature from a paper towel tube. It is also great paper towel tubes crafts to motivate them to achieve their dream. They just need to glue the tube with a cone from a carton.

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