Tutorial on creating paper beads craft

Tutorial on creating paper beads craft Ugandan Paper Bead Oval Etelage

Make paper beads craft are simple ways to reuse and recycle your old newspaper and magazine. Paper beads are able to use for multi projects, have an attractive look and inexpensive.

Cut long triangles out from the paper. The base from the triangle cut will be the width from the bead and the longer triangle is fatter bead will become. Turn the triangle side down and give glue in the pointy end. Roll the beads into toothpick or bamboo skewer. Keep the triangle centered as you rolled the beads. When finish rolling the triangle, glue the tip of the triangle. Make sure the bead tightly rolled up with glue.

Apply varnish.  You can choose a finish to include diamond glaze or mod podge. Let the varnish dried completely. Add more coats to get long-lasting and glossier results. Remove your beads from the stick after several hours to ensure the beads are wrapped and glued well. Now you can use your paper beads into different crafts such as necklace, bracelet, or others.

Tips when creating paper bead; add decorations as you want. You can use paint to add a bulb, hemp string and glitter decoration to your beads. When you roll the triangle, roll it tightly to make it last longer. Avoid have space between the beads layers.

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