Toilet paper turkey craft for Thanksgiving decor

Toilet paper turkey craft for Thanksgiving decor Thankful Turkey Craft Pinning With Purpose Hot Trending Now

Make toilet paper turkey craft for your Thanksgiving decoration that will enhance your space when held the party or dining occasion with family. The first idea to make a craft from toilet paper is this Turkey napkin ring. First, wrap the paper roll with brown construction paper. Then draw the Turkey shape by adding beak, feet, and eyes to the paper roll. Fill with a napkin.

Next idea is turkey table décor. There are many turkey décors you can make. If you want to invite kids to make crafts for Thanksgiving décor, then handprint turkey tail can be a simple idea to craft with your children. Draw handprint into different construction paper with different sizes. Attach the handprint paper together. Add eyes, beak, and feet to the paper roll. Glue the paper roll to the handprint.

If you have any toilet paper roll and do not want to spend much for construction paper, then you can also reuse this paper rolls to create this vintage turkey. First, cut the paper roll 5 inch as turkey. Cut 1-inch paper roll and shape it by the press to center to create the eye shape. Make 5 of them and glue old newspaper or magazine in back to cover the blank. Glue the eyes shape into the back of the turkey body to create the turkey tail.

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