Creative ideas for pumpkin paper crafts design

Creative ideas for pumpkin paper crafts design Fall Pumpkin Crafts On Good Day Columbus On 102917 Studio 614

Here are pumpkin paper crafts ideas that you can make for Halloween décor. There are many ideas of pumpkin crafts to make start from simple to difficult level. For a simple pumpkin idea, you can make this striped paper card. Hold together the strips into a pumpkin shape and add twine in the top.

For you who love the shabby chic look, these quilled pumpkin crafts are the awesome crafts paper you can make. For this shabby chic pumpkin, you need to make the white pumpkin first. Glue the paper quilled into the pumpkin. Make teardrop quill paper and fill with swirl quill. Fill with different swirl pattern and get 5 petals to set as a flower shape. Adds one other round shape and filled with teardrop swirls out.

Next is fun pumpkin craft that will spruce up your mantel or table decoration. Cut the orange colored paper into one of 7 inches strip, 2 of 9 inches strips, and 2 of 11 inches. Fold the strip into the accordion fold. The accordion folds then glue and make a circle. The circle of the accordion circle next shaped into medallion shape by gluing in the center. Layers the medallion papers use a hot glue gun and add paper leaves and twine in the top of your pumpkin.

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