3 Designs of Cute Crafts Using Paper Bags

3 Designs of Cute Crafts Using Paper Bags Diy Paper Bag Puppets Fun365

Paper bag is a useful paper material for making any crafts. You can make it happen into some kinds of crafts using paper bags. These are some recommended crafts with the paper bag.

Grocery Bag Paper Crown 

Paper bag is versatile and functional. It is the right material for crafting the item. You can make a grocery bag paper crown. The basic sketch is like a common paper bag design. Then, you add a paper crown pretending to be a princess or a queen. The children will like this paper bag so much. You can decorate it beautifully.

Brown Paper Package 

The next design of cute crafts using paper bags is a brown paper package. You can dress your children simple with a kind of paper bag. The brown paper package is useful to cover any foods or items in order to make it more exclusively. You can add some decorative ornaments in this paper pack.

Leaf Lantern 

You can make a beautiful lantern for lighting the homeroom. It is called leaf lantern. The autumn is a perfect time for making a paper lantern. You can put coloring leaves between sheets and wax paper. Then, you make the bottom and top part of these lanterns with rustic detail. It will create a stunning design of crafts using paper bags.

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