Simple and Cute Construction Paper Crafts for Kids

Simple and Cute Construction Paper Crafts for Kids Cute Little Paper Bird Craft Thriftyfun

Playing with paper crafts is fun. One of them is creating cute construction paper crafts. Construction paper crafts are also able to create by all ages crafters. The list below shows that you can create something cute and beautiful with papers.

Chain Papercraft

You can ask your kids to create their own birthday party decoration. Let them create something simple such as a chain papercraft. Prepare some colorful long rectangle papers. Ask them to glue the far end of the paper together. Repeat the process inside the first chain and so on until there is no paper left. When it is ready, help them to hang the chain.

Penguin Papercraft

A couple of penguins is also cute construction paper crafts for kids. You just need black, white, and orange papers. Make some square patterns on the black and white papers. Let your kids cut the patterns. Glue the papers where the white paper is on the top in which it is the body of the penguins. Next, prepare the orange papers and create a triangle shape for the mouth and feet. Add two circles and long rectangular for the eyes and hands. You may add a small ribbon for the female penguin.

Watermelon Papercraft

Create a fresh watermelon from paper with your kids. This papercraft only needs green, red, and black paper. Indeed, it is not only cute construction paper crafts but also easy to finish for all ages crafters including kids.

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