3 Pretty Designs of Craft Paper Doilies

3 Pretty Designs of Craft Paper Doilies Distressed Doily Pete Hughes Daily Inspiration From Our Bloggers

Craft paper doilies are one of the inspiring ideas of the crafts with the paper. There are more cute designs of the craft paper doilies that can be applied.

Spring Centerpiece

You can make a spring centerpiece with the paper doilies. You can welcome the spring by making it cover a glass vase. In the paper doilies glass vase, you add tulips. The spring paper doilies will cover it beautifully. You can add a rustic detail from the tie and string. It looks so nice and unique.

Paper Doily Banner Party Decor

Do you want to celebrate a party at home? You can make craft paper doilies to be a banner party. It is made of paper lace and also kraft paper to be a banner party. Then, you can add a ribbon and purple or pink fabric flowers as a decorative detail. It looks so pretty and cute.

Paper Doily Book Cover

Craft paper doilies can be used to be a paper book cover. You can add it to be a decorative ornament on the book cover. The doilies are commonly placed to be a table decor. However, if you have an old book, you can attach the doilies to make it more beautiful and look like a new.

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