Ways on Making Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft

Ways on Making Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft Alex Toys Little Hands Tissue Paper Art Alexbrands

Tissue paper rainbow craft will be a good idea for making a cutely decorative craft design. The idea tends to be simple and easy to make. You just prepare some tools and supplies.

The Supplies of Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft

To make the tissue paper rainbow crafts, you should prepare some tools. Those are rainbow colored tissue paper, scissors, and a painter’s tape. Prepare it sufficiently based on the size of the rainbow craft.

How to Make Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft 

There are some steps on making tissue paper rainbow craft–. Firstly, you should cut the sheets of the tissue paper into small cuts. Then, fold it and cut it again in the smaller cuts. Secondly, after you finished the first step, you continue the further step. You should make a purple, red, and green arch. Then, take the sheet of tissue paper for rainbow design. Then, take a spot on the tissue paper before you hang it on the wall. Then, attach it on the wall to assemble it. Thirdly, you can build your rainbow design. You can attach it with a painter’s tape. Finally, you can continue to make a rainbow arch. Try to apply those directions to make tissue paper rainbow craft.

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