Creative crafts with toilet paper roll

Creative crafts with toilet paper roll Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

This idea crafts with toilet paper roll will be perfect for your boy’s toys. Create this binocular paper roll. First paint the tube with the color you like, whether it will black or even colorful paint. Connect two paper roll tubes using threat or using glue. Now your boy can use the binocular and see interesting fun with their binoculars.

Create this fun marble run from toilet paper. Prepare 11 leftover toilet paper, cardboard base, paint, glue, tape, and marbles. Make tower from 3 toilet papers by gathering use tape and height from 2 towers that made from 3 tiered tubes and 1 from 2 tiered tubes. Cut holes in the tower. In 1st tower create holes in front side tube 2 inch from the top tube. In the 2nd tower of the 3rd tiered roll, create 2 holes which make in the bottom of 1st tier towel and in the middle of the 2nd tiered tube. For the last tube, create holes in the middle of the tube. Cut the remains of the tube into half. Gather the tube to create a long tube. Insert the long half tube into holes and create a bridge between the towers. Attach the tower into cardboard base use glue.

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