How to Make Paper Craft Fish for Kids

How to Make Paper Craft Fish for Kids Kindergarten Craft Easy To Make Paper Plate Aquarium

This time, we will ask you to make paper craft fish. This thing would suit any need even if you need birthday decorative elements. The fish can be hung by using threads and even if you do not have a party, you can hang them in your kid’s room. Besides, this would be a fun activity if you are a preschool teacher. The materials needed are such as construction paper in colors you like, scissors, staple, googly eye, glue, string, and single-hole punch.

In order to make the paper craft fish, you need two construction papers to make the fish’s body. Fold each sheet in an accordion fold and then line them up so you can press them together. After that, you can staple those accordion-folded paper sheets right in the middle. Pull down each side of the paper so it makes like a fan and you can glue the sides on each other until it makes a circle shape.

Cut a triangle shape for the tail and glue it on the body. The googly eye should also be glued to each side. Punch a hole on top of the fish’s body so you can attach a string on it and hang it later. This is how you make paper craft fish for a room or party decoration.

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