Create paper umbrella craft for party glass decor

Create paper umbrella craft for party glass decor Assorted Color Paper Umbrella Toothpicks 144ct Walmart

Make your own paper umbrella craft to add into your party glass décor. This umbrella décor will be perfect for your summer party. You can make different umbrella craft from the paper in different ways. For the simplest ways, you can use this paper cup decorative paper. Folded into the center to create umbrella shape and stick the center with a toothpick. Now you can put in your cocktail glass, easy right?

If you want more umbrella paper craft for cocktail ideas then this tissue paper tassel umbrella craft can be a lovely idea to make. The idea is to create the umbrella craft paper with the base white umbrella. Use colored tissue paper that cut in the edge around the umbrella. This 3D dimensional umbrella décor is another cute umbrella to craft for your pool party. Use origami technique, the circled paper folded and attached into a stick and it results in the textured umbrella that awesome to set in your glass.

You can also use this umbrella papercraft as a wreath to hang in window or use as party décor in your pool. It is colorful and makes your party becomes more cheerful. To make this umbrella wreath, you will need to make many umbrellas craft paper from decorative paper.

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