Giant paper flowers for crafting as wall decor

Giant paper flowers for crafting as wall decor Diy Paper Flowers Easy Making Tutorial Origami Flower Paper

Create this paper flowers for crafting for your wall décor that will transform your blank wall into decorative wall space. This giant paper floral crafting is easy to make by download the printable paper flower template. To make this, you will need a flower template in different sizes and different type’s flowers.

There are 5 different paper flowers type include pansy flower, rose flower, spiral paper flower, large daisy flower, medium daisy flower, small daisy flower, and leaves. After the printable flower template is cut, then arrange the flower into the wall. When you arrange the flower, try to be as natural as you can. Insert the leaves between the flower papers. If you like, you can insert the mirror in the blank space of a giant flower to make a focal point in this spot.

Next giant flower paper craft that you can make is this roses flower paper craft door décor. To make this, you need to prepare wooden pallet as the frame for the roses flower base. After cut, the flower template, roll the petals to create texture on flowers edge. Glue 4 flower petals together and layers the next 4 flower petals on the flowers to keeping petal 1 on one side and petal 2 on opposites side that create the flower base. Glue the flower to base and set in the top of door wall.

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