Toilet Paper Roll Car Craft for Preschool Students

Toilet Paper Roll Car Craft for Preschool Students 20 Homemade Transport Themed Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Hative

Making a toilet paper roll car craft is a great and fun activity for preschoolers students. You can also teach them that something unused can be recycled into a great thing such as a toy. So, what kind of car toy you can make from a toilet paper roll?

Formula 1 Cars 

Let your students attract with this activity by creating a Formula 1 car. Use three or four toilet paper rolls and some bottle covers. Make a hole on the toilet paper roll as a place for the driver. Then, paint the toilet paper roll and give a number on it. The last but not least, glue four bottle covers as the wheel of the car.

Car Track 

Having a car from a toilet paper roll is incomplete without a track. Actually, you can also another toilet paper roll car craft. In this case, you are creating a track for the cars. Prepare toilet paper rolls as many as it can. Cut those rolls into two pieces and connect to each other. The more you connect the toilet paper rolls, the longer the race track.

Super Fast Car 

Another type of toilet paper roll car craft you can make with your preschool students is a super fast car. You can follow the process similar to the way you make a Formula 1 car. Then, add a wing on the back of the car. Voila! Your students have their own super fast car.

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