3 Inspiring Scrapbook Paper Craft Ideas

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Scrapbooking paper is a marvelous tool for creating a very beautiful scrapbook. You can make it in a colorful, cheerful, and patterned pages so that you just get enthusiastic to open it. But, it can be made into some different scrapbook paper craft ideas.

Scrapbooking Paper Jar Vases

You can make a jar vase with scrapbooking paper. The jar vase will be stronger because the scrapbooking paper tends to be hard and thick. You can choose colorful and patterned scrapbooking paper for forming jar vase. It is possible to add pretty flower ornaments. It looks cute and beautiful. Furthermore, if it is added buttons and ribbon, it offers a finished look.

A Decorative Scrapbooking Paper Desk 

Another design of scrapbook paper craft ideas is making a decorative scrapbooking paper desk. It needs a line detail and also a small space. The paper detail is small and complicated. You can add a beautiful patterned detail on this paper desk.

Wall Letters

You can make wall letters using scrapbooking paper. The design of scrapbook paper crafts ideas can be taken from the internet. The process of making the letters needs a different pattern and coloring sheet. Those look so beautiful and pretty to apply on the wall.

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