Simple paper craft for preschoolers

Simple paper craft for preschoolers Easy And Fun Paper Flower Bouquet Craft Fireflies And Mud Pies

Need simple paper craft for preschoolers age? As a parent, you need something that can make your children exploring and creating activities that will develop motoric skill and artist.

The first idea is a simple paper bookmark with tassel. You just need to cut a rectangle and make a hole with a paper punch. Make thread tassel and tie to the hole. Use the patterned decorative cardstock paper to make the bookmark look colorful. Next is Fourth of July pinwheel craft. This is perfect to build nationalism to your preschool kid. Color the paper with stars decoration on both sides. Fold the dashed line to make square decorated in both sides. Put thin cardboard or construction paper between two halves that make a sturdier pinwheel. Cut the diagonal line. Bend each of corner side to center dot and push a pin through center. Blow the pinwheel to make it a spin.

Next, it creates a chain bracelet. It is simple just to create a chain from construction paper and put a bracelet. Next craft will develop your kid knowledge for numbers and colors with a caterpillar. This also will develop scissor skill. Print the caterpillar template. If you want to learn color, then glue the caterpillar circle with different color and if you want to add number write the number in the caterpillar.

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