Home crafts you can make with paper

Home crafts you can make with paper Diy Useful Paper Crafts Easy Craft Ideas

There are many crafts you can make with paper to decor your home. For autumn craft, this old newspaper and kraft paper flower wreath is perfect to make. You can add adorable hanging owl in your wall or in the porch ceiling.

If you need for all season craft décor then these mirror papercraft is great crafts to make. The paper floral mirror is the simplest and all season craft you can make. You can set the floral paper into an entire mirror or to a certain part of the mirror.

Next papercraft is summer sun sewing that results in adorable dream catcher to hang in your porch or windows. Use 7-inch paper plate and paint with yellow.  Poke a trace into a circle in the back of the paper plate. Cut out the circle make a hole in the center of the plate. Use paper punch creates holes in around of outer plate circle 1 inch apart. Cut off long yarn and sewing scrambled to the paper holes. Add pony beads into stitches to add fun texture on your craft. Cut the triangle shapes from the construction paper to create sun rays and then glue at the back of the catcher. You also can use the remaining of the yellow center of the paper plate to make the triangle cut.

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