DIY Tassel Garland Paper Craft Birthday Party

DIY Tassel Garland Paper Craft Birthday Party Senarai Harga 6pcs Set Decorative Wedding Party Paper Craft 8039039

If you want to make a decorative paper craft birthday, some tassel garlands might be something you need to learn. It would be an inexpensive décor for a birthday party but it will warm up the place. The first thing you need to do is gathering the supplies. It takes several pieces of tissue paper. Choose any color that would pop your birthday party. Also, make sure you choose the quality ones because it will determine how smooth the process is.

One piece of tissue paper could make four pieces of tassels. Fold the paper in half for two times. After that, you should cut strips starting from the bottom of the paper, unfolded side. Leave the top for about one inch. The strips can be as thick or as thin as you like to have. Unfold the paper once and cut it in half right from the top to the fringe end to complete the decorative paper craft birthday tassels.

Roll the uncut center area and make sure the fringes do not get tangled to each other. Once you have finished the rolling stuff, you can twist the center tightly and fold it in half so you can wrap the loop at the top. This is how you make decorative paper craft birthday tassel garlands.

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