Simple Crafts Using Paper to Add New Accessory at Home

Simple Crafts Using Paper to Add New Accessory at Home 3 D Stars Moravian Pensylvanian German

If you think that creating crafts using paper is hard to do, you are wrong. There are a lot of simple crafts using paper you can finish in a short time. The result is also amazing and you can use it for a new accessory at home.

Paper Flower 

You don’t have to create a complicated paper flower craft if you don’t want. Just create something simple such as a mosaic paper shamrock. First, create the shamrock design first with a colorful paper. Then, cut a paper with a different type of color in small square pieces. Glue the shamrock and put the small pieces to cover up it. It will be a great ornament at home.


For book lovers, you may create a new bookmark. Definitely, you finally found simple crafts using paper that work for you. You may create a bookmark with your favorite character if you have time. If it is not, you can just cut the paper into a rectangular shape. Give some ornaments on the paper and let them dry. When it is ready, you have a cool bookmark to use.

Stamped Accessories 

Creating a stamped craft using paper is also one of the simple crafts using paper you can try. Let say, prepare a sheep or cow or any design you love with plain paper. Then, prepare colorful paints and use stamped the plain design with the paints.

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